To Forget

Issue No. 1: Sex Ed
Art + Photography + Words - Taryn O’Reilly

I, the body, am the subject of this painting. You sir, are furniture. Now get stuffed.

The purpose of my work has been to explore our understanding of intimacy.
Using my own words and experiences I give the viewer a glance into my life. By using my interactions and fleeting thoughts I let the viewer see as much as I want them to see. Not all of these moments are triumphant, many are deeply personal or sexual in nature. Through fiber and installation work I can indulge in our voyeuristic habits. I build onto everyday objects to make these experiences tangible and relatable. Through sewing and embroidery, a technique that has traditionally been a “feminine craft”, I attempt to marry my foundation in still lifes and figure studies with conceptual framework to question ideologies of femininity, sexuality and identity.

Playing with intimacy
Building onto everyday objects
Making those fleeting thoughts tangible

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