Heart Healthy Exercise

illustrations - amber vittoria


There are three types of exercise recommended for general heart health and fitness:

AEROBIC EXERCISE, popularly known as “cardio,” is the most important for your heart. This can be running, jogging, biking. Swimming and walking are low impact cardio options, meaning they are easier on your joints. The American Heart Association recommends around 2.5 hours per week of moderate intensity aerobic exercise for lowering blood pressure or cholesterol. While it may sound like a lot, this could be brisk walking for 40 minutes a few days a week.


STRENGTH TRAINING lowers risk of injury and builds muscle mass, which helps with burning calories. You can strength train using equipment, such as weights and resistance bands, or simply by utilizing your own body weight, as in yoga. The American Heart Association recommends strength training at least twice per week.


STRETCHING helps with flexibility and prevents injury, making other physical activity safer and more sustainable. Stretching activities can be incorporated into a regular exercise routine with warm ups and cool downs.