Heart and Heart

Issue no. 2: matters of the heart
Ariana Mygatt and Trilby Yates

Eyes close take a deep breath    
deep breath through the nose slow inhale  
never letting go never letting go    
filling the lungs filling the emptiness    
in hallowed walls muted color soaked sanitized    
lack of smell    
lack of who I am     
color soaked sanitized     

Form A form B circle one cross out one two    
all the others the others that don’t apply    
what does apply when the chest rises and doesn’t fall    
what applies when you are shuffled in different directions    
more questions more questions more questions    
answers come to slow answers drift into the abyss   
or they never come at all they hang in mid air    
eyes close and I ask the cosmos I ask the goddess    
will I ever see you again    
will I ever feel you again   

I drift away deep out of body drift and dreams    
A nonsensical arbitrary paper trail   
the imperial order of a healthcare hierarchy   
that moves in white lab coats and clipboards    
that holds an oath to do no harm to do no harm...   
I drift in and out now and then lights flash I drift   
I drift away deep out of body drift and dreams   

My hand on your chest your hand on mine heart beats    
my love my love I hold your gentle heart in memories deep   
I count each beat I drift out of body drift and dreams    
you reach inside my chest my heart in your hands   
you count each beat you whisper as I drift   
you whisper my name you hold my heart    
it’s not my time you let go I drift   
dream twist you let go another time love another time