He Was a Greek God || We Have Secrets

Issue no. 2: matters of the heart
POEM - Aisha Khan | PAINTING - Singha Hon

Beautiful Boy who
barely made it to Beautiful Man.
Who were you?

Something was wrong at dinner
when we were out.
In the car going home
we learned you were gone,
Beautiful Boy,
almost Beautiful Man.

They said you resembled a Greek God.
By the pictures, I knew.

Gorgeous golden skin,
gorgeous golden hair,
piercing hazel eyes,
thick, curly hair.

Your soul,
more beautiful.

By the words your friends shared,
I knew.

It seemed inconceivable -------------
Your heart!
Your heart?

I couldn’t believe it had failed you.
At only 21,
how could it be true?

You were going to be
a Beautiful Man!

Does your family have a history of heart failure?

2 funerals for 2 sides
of you -- 2 families of you

At your white open wake,
I learned you were a Trekkie
and I saw 2 brothers embrace
for the 1st time in 2 decades
and for the 1st time in my life
I saw my family’s bodies crack and break open
from the purest pain
in the sterile funeral home

1 day later, wrapped in clean white,
I sobbed as your naked body
was ritually lowered into the dirt
by my father, your father, and our uncles
at the Muslim cemetery next to
your mother’s plot now planned adjacent

It lightly rained and
I think you made God cry that day

As we covered you with fresh dirt
for the 1st and last time,
I wondered where I would be buried
if I died before my family

I’m so sorry you suffered so
and for so long,
thinking you were alone

Does your family have a history of mental illness?

I wish I knew you more,
you Beautiful Man
with a more beautiful, strong, heart

May you rest in Paradise
with your brothers and sisters
on Mount Olympus.