Womanly Interview: Adoptive Black Mom, Issue No. 4 Advisor and Adoption Advocate

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Words - Womanly Magazine & Adoptive Black Mom
Photo courtesy of Adoptive Black Mom

In order to give you the most relevant and timely health information for our issue on Black Maternal Health, we consulted with an incredible team of civic advocates, health professionals and art activists. 

Adoptive Black Mom is a diversity professional and the blogger behind Adoptive Black Mom, where she shares her experience of adoption as a Black woman. We spoke with her work and favorite health practices:

What’s your favorite self-care practice?

Alone time, usually taking a walk outside, rain or shine. I can go fast or slow; I can change routes at will. I rarely have a destination or time frame involved; I just walk. It's centering, calming, and gives me time to ponder, which I don't think we do nearly enough!

What is your favorite healthy food or recipe?

I make a black bean, poblano pepper, and chorizo chili. I include a bit of brown sugar to balance the spice and heat. It's high in protein and fiber and a crowd pleaser when topped with a dollop of sour cream and shredded pepper jack. 

Who has taught you the most in life so far?

Without question my daughter, whom I adopted when she was 12. I thought I knew a lot about life when I became her mother, but I was mistaken. I've learned a lot about "what's under the hood" of life since she came along. More than anything she has been a model and lesson in resilience for me over these last 5 years. 

What are your healthy living goals?

I try to keep it very simple. Get enough sleep, get 12,000 steps a day, and stay hydrated. Those are daily achievable goals for me. 

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