Womanly Interviews: Miko Branch, Co-Founder of Miss Jessie’s


Words - Morgan Ersery
Photography - Miss Jessie's LLC.

Miko Branch Is the Co-Founder and CEO of Miss Jessie's products for curly hair. The Miss Jessie’s brand was born in Brooklyn, NY in 2000. Miko and her Co-Founder and sister Titi, revolutionized the hair care industry by being the first to develop original and groundbreaking hair products designed to enhance and enrich every type of textured curly hair for people of every ethnic background. They named their brand after their fiercely independent grandmother – Miss Jessie.

Miko shared with Womanly how her self-care regimen keeps her connected to what she cares about most as she continues to manage her business.  

What’s your favorite self care practice?

My favorite self-care practice is making sure I take time out for myself. I always find it extremely hard to remember because of my hectic schedule, which is why I try to schedule things into my calendar so I don't forget. Taking the time I need to decompress is where most of my self care happens. When I am not working, I really enjoy walking. It is a non vigorous way for me to clear my mind while taking in fresh air and getting the exercise that I need. I love walking over the Brooklyn Bridge when I'm New York City, but I also love a good bike ride in Florida as I take in the sun and am surrounded by beautiful palm trees and water.


What is your favorite healthy food or recipe?

My favorite healthy food or recipe would be anything that consists of fresh vegetables. My mother is Japanese American and raised my sister Titi and I on a variety of fresh vegetables that weren’t cooked very long so they had a crunchy texture but at the same time were very tasty. I like simple healthy food recipes like chopped sweet tomatoes, ripe avocado and crunchy cucumber with a little bit of vinegar, lemon, tamari sauce with a touch of salt and pepper. It’s such a yummy treat that could be eaten by itself or paired with a healthy meal.

Who has taught you the most in life so far?

At this point it has been my sister Titi Branch who has taught me the most in life. I think this is the case because wWe spent so much time together as kids, but also as adults as business partners, as co-parents, as roommates, and as best friends. She was such a unique individual and did things with such precision and care. After she passed away, I always try to emulate Titi because of all the things she taught me.

What are your healthy living goals?

My healthy living goals are a combination of being kind to myself and reminding myself that I am happy, healthy and have a desire to do more. Love is the key to healthy living and it manifests itself in everything that I do. In 2019, I’d like to put a little more attention to eating and what I put into my body while staying mobile and doing more exercise. Maintaining happiness and surrounding myself with positive people while I work to make improvements in my life is also key to a healthy life and a healthy heart.

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