Womanly Magazine is a publication and platform that circulates updated health information to women around the world through the lens of art. The project began as an idea in 2012 and has since developed into an operation with twenty plus women working in various roles to build the online platform. Womanly Magazine’s mission is to bridge the gaps between generations, cultures, economic statuses, borders, and any barrier that society tells us should set us apart.



  • Attia Taylor(Founder)

    Attia Taylor is a musician and writer, living and working in Brooklyn, NY. She is dedicated to sharing the stories and highlighting the experiences of marginalized women around the world. Her work is dedicated to amplifying the voices of those who are most silenced and overlooked in society.

    • Ailyn Robles(Co-Founder)

      Ailyn is a Colombian writer and photographer based out of Brooklyn, who fuses her passion for the empowerment of women with everything she does. She works with young people during the day, and writes short stories at night.

      • Aisha Khan(Digital Product Director)

        Aisha is a Pakistani-Latvian-American from Northern California, currently based in NYC. She has a passion for languages and a commitment to creating accessible medias and technologies.

      • Rae Farine(Principal Software Engineer)

        Rae is a Brooklyn-based artist and software engineer currently working at WeWork. She is incredibly passionate about gender politics, the LGBTQ+ community, and intersectional feminism. In her free time, she loves baking, making art, playing instruments, and being surrounded by nature.

      • Singha Hon(Resident Artist)

        Singha Hon is an artist and illustrator from New York City. Her work revolves around depicting women undergoing private metaphysical transformations, using techniques of classic figurative painting, and elements of magical realism to describe inner emotional states.

        • Lauren Rogers(Events Director)

          Lauren is an event planner and marketing guru based out of Long Island, NY. Her talents have led her to work for companies such as David Tutera Studios, The Trevor Project, and Jack Morton Worldwide. She hopes to curate a multicultural festival that celebrates her love for food and music.

          • Kandace Fuller(Editor-in-Chief)

            Kandace is a writer and freelance editor, born and raised in Brooklyn, NY. She is committed to using the written word to serve, affirm, and empower oppressed people abroad and at home. She recently graduated with her B.A. in English Literature from Columbia University.

            • Ariana Mygatt(Art Director)

              Ariana is a Baltimore-based artist educator, photographer, and designer. She enjoys periodically redecorating her apartment, talking to teens, "getting out of town", and the years 2000-2009.

              • Khadija Ariana(Resident Artist)

                Khadija Horton is an illustration major studying at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn.

                • Dani Monous(Events Coordinator)

                  Dani currently works in Strategic Research and Insights at Vice Media, and is joining the Womanly Mag Staff to work on Events. Her greatest ambition is to save the planet, Moana-style. She lives in New York.

                  • Anne Jaconette(Marketing Director)

                    Anne Jaconette is a marketing associate at Abrams Books, where she promotes graphic novels and nonfiction books. She also writes and illustrates a zine, Soft Design. She is based in Brooklyn, New York.

                    • Kati Driscoll(Resident Artist)

                      Kati Driscoll is a designer and illustrator based out of Philadelphia, PA. Her designs have appeared on sites such as New York Magazine's - The Cut, PAPER Mag, Lucky Magazine and Redbook. Her work is carried by select retailers.

                      • Diana McDonnell(Health & Wellness Director)

                        Diana is working on her Master's in Nursing in New York. She is passionate about making healthcare more accessible. She is honored to be a part of Womanly Mag, and to collaborate with such compassionate and creative people.

                        • Betty Fermin(Literary Editor)

                          By day, Betty works at WhyHunger, where she manages and writes for the newsletter, Nourishing Change, connects people around the U.S to emergency food access organizations in their area, and supports international partners in their work in food sovereignty and agro-ecology. Betty was born in Harlem, grew up in Rhode Island, but came back to NYC to study at Pace University, where she received her B.B.A. She's passionate about books, travel, and social justice.

                          • Emily Carris(Business Partner)

                            Emily Carris is the Founding Director of The Art Dept, a collaborative gallery and workshop space. She has a Bachelor's in Education and Photography from Eugene Lang College at The New School (NY). She also holds a Master's degree in Photography from University for the Creative Arts (UK). Her work exploring the personal and cultural legacy of slavery, and the Black female body, has been exhibited nationally and internationally. Emily currently lives and works in Philadelphia.

                            • Carmel Brown(Fashion Editor)

                              Carmel Brown is a visual artist and the owner of Colored Vintage, and has been curating and collecting vintage for over a decade. She currently resides in Philadelphia, PA by way of St. Louis, MO.

                              • Edwina Horton(Health & Wellness Contributor)

                                Edwina is a Registered Nurse in Houston, Texas, specializing in Cardiovascular Disease and Diabetes Education. She is passionate about preventive healthcare, especially in women.

                                • Maria Teresa Alzuru(International Content Manager)

                                  Maria is a Venezuelan-born digital product manager, with a global focus on the intersection of politics and sexual/reproductive health rights. Most recently, she managed mobile-first sexual health websites for Planned Parenthood in Ecuador and Nigeria. She currently lives in New York.